Director: Arnaud Xainte

Screenwriter: Jean-Frédéric Thibault & Arnaud Xainte

Genre:  HISTORY Docu-drama 90' & 52'




In 1832 Eugene Delacroix made a unique journey to Morroco and Algeria. He travelled with Count de Mornay, the french king's (Louis Philippe) special envoy to Sultan Moulay Abd el-Rahman.

Delacroix returned with notebooks filled with sketches and water colors that, once back in France, he would use for a long time afterwards.

The trip to NorthAfrica enriched Eugene Delacroix's esthetic repertoire with new themes that would recur in his work over the followings years. He began using eastern sources rather than the mythological subjects that had previously made him famous. He continued to explore this theme for the final thirty years of his life.

He gradually forsook lines for impressions.

This turning point in painting shed light on a new angle and heralded the impressionists.

Following on the Fabulous Destiny of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun ( a classical painter if ever there was one), Jean-Frédéric Thibault and Arnaud Xainte have set themselves a new challenge, i.e. using historical reconstructions based on Eugene Delacroix's travel diaries to reenact the period. 



Alexandre Dumas

The Fifth Musketeer

Documentary 90' & 52'

Written by Jean-Frédéric Thibault

Directed by Arnaud Xainte

Alexandre Dumas is one of the most prolific authors of the 19th century. With a great sense of romance and action, he is at the center of a writing workshop producing true sagas at an almost frenetic rhythm. Reinventing the French history, he is a real show-runner, instilling energy in his characters and situations, often inspired by his own life. Between fiction and reality, this documentary recounts the life of a Renaissance Epicurean lost in the 19th century, an author who made generations of readers dream of his Musketeers who are now part of the common heritage of humanity.

HD – Available Mipcom 2020



A Different Story of the Catholic Church

Documentary 3 x 52', 2 x 52' & 90'

Written and Directed by Arnaud Xainte

A history of the Jesuits is another story of the Catholic Church: tumultuous, ambitious, energetic, mixing knowledge, power, the sciences, the arts, grand adventurers, and discoveries, but also polemics, politics, conflicts of interest, entryism and networks, even the trading of favors.

It is this other story of the Catholic Church that we want to relate in this 3 x 52- minute miniseries by highlighting its strong personalities, history- steeped places, magnificent architecture and exceptional situations triggering extraordinary events.

HD –  Available 2020


In the Scottish Lands of France

Documentary 1 x 52'

Written and Directed by Laurent Sorcelle

The Auld Alliance, the alliance between France and Scotland, is the oldest in Europe and maybe the world. It was a political and military understanding created in the Middle Ages between the kingdoms of France and Scotland to support King Charles VII and keep his nation from falling apart. Although still taught in Scottish schools, it has been somewhat forgotten in France, except in the region of Berry, the ”Scottish lands of France”. Now that the 600th anniversary of the arrival of the Scots in France is being celebrated, more and more inhabitants of the “Scottish lands of France” live this alliance as an everyday reality. By now it has become more a cultural thing and proclaimed proudly by those people with Scottish heritage.

HD –  Available Mipcom 2021



The Prince

Documentary 1 x 52', 70'

Written and Directed by Antoine Vitkine

Mohammad Bin Salman, or MBS. Three letters to designate a leader who, in the space of a few months, has taken his place at the table of the world’s greatpowers. At the age of 32, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia was not destined to rule for many years. And yet, following a series of betrayals and some audacious power-plays, he has become the young face of the Middle East.

In short, the charismatic MBS is both authoritarian and brutal. But he is also a reformer. In a matter of months, he disbanded the Islamic religious police and allowed women to drive and attend sporting events. He is attempting to implement a root-and-branch overhaul of Saudi Arabia, the symbol of an Islam caught between modernity and archaism, and to shake up this old bureaucratic oil monarchy. Who is the real MBS? An intrepid reformer? A Shakespearian hero grappling with palace intrigues and petro-dollar interests? Or an unscrupulous, megalomaniac tyrant, intoxicated by his plans for the planet’s destiny?

HD – Produced by Patricia Boutinard Rouelle – Available Dec 2019


Roger Corman

The Pope of pop cinema

Documentary 1 x 52'

Written and Directed by Bertrand Tessier

Roger Corman authored fifty movies and produced four hundred. He has been called the king of B movies, the pope of pop cinema. He ventured through every so-called “minor” genre: noir, western, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Even better, he was able to renew those genres and adapt them to his time: the famous Sixties and Seventies that crushed the conformist mindset of the American society. Through his impressive filmography, Corman laid the foundations of what was to be known as “pop culture”.

In this documentary, it’s Corman himself who tells his own story, counterpointed by a number of interviews with the directors he trained and inspired: Quentin Tarantino, Ron Howard, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Joe Dante…

HD – Produced California Prod – Carlotta Films – Available Dec 2019

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