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NEW - In Production - 2020/2021

A Baby for Hope

S. Thomas – A. Xainte


Cesar is afflicted with Fanconi’s anemia, a disorder giving him a life expectancy of 17 or 18 years tops. Only a bone-marrow transplant or the implantation of stem cells from a compatible donor will add, at best, 15 years to his life, giving rise to the hope that a cure for the condition might be found in the meantime.But no one in the family is compatible. Having always wanted a third child, his parents have decided to turn to in-vitro fertilization.

Thanks to double pre-implantation detection of embryos done in Belgium, a baby is on the way, free of the disease and compatible. The stem cells in its umbilical cord will be extracted and transplanted into Cesar.Through this incredibly humane story, we will address the issues of bio-ethics, the genetic manipulation connected to the process and the worries and dysfunctions affecting families facing such a rare disease.

HD – 70’ & 52' –  Available July 2020


Charlie Parker - Bird Songs

J-F. Thibault


In 1955, on his report, a medical examiner wrote in the box: age, “about 53 years”. Charlie Parker nicknamed Bird just died, at 34. His death will be the ransom of a life that was not denied to the excesses or the consuming flame of genius. His wildest improvisations will open the door to future jazzmen. Between shadow and light this film will pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century.

HD – 52' –  Available Jan 2021


Bill Graham, the one and only

A. Lasbeiz - C. Zimmerlin

Billy Graham is a « super-star » Protestant minister in the United States, up to the point that Time magazine cover ran as a headline when he died in 2018: « America’s preacher ». He even received the honours of the Capitol, a recognition usually reserved for elected officials and military leaders. Close to power, he even became the spiritual advisor to the White House. We will discover why the interactions between religion and politics are so strong in America. What links can we make between Protestantism and Capitalism? Through archives and testimonies of historians, politicians, sociologists, journalists and relatives, this documentary will examine Billy Graham’s career and decipher the division of America between progressive and conservative forces.

HD – 2 x 26’ & 52’ – Available September 2020


Alexandre Dumas, The 5th Musketeer A. Xainte -  J-F. Thibault


Alexandre Dumas is one of the most prolific authors of the 19th century. With a great sense of romance and action, he is at the center of a writing workshop producing true sagas at an almost frenetic rhythm. Reinventing the French history, he is a real show-runner, instilling energy in his characters and situations, often inspired by his own life. Between fiction and reality, this documentary recounts the life of a Renaissance Epicurean lost in the 19th century, an author who made generations of readers dream of his Musketeers who are now part of the common heritage of humanity.

HD – 90’ & 52’  – 2020 - Illegitimedefense & Belgica Films




The Mayor

S. Shah Povia & P. Curzi


The rise of Italian fascism today proves that Italy has never come to terms with its past. The mayor Giorgio Frassineti wants to create the first ever museum on fascism in Predappio, Mussolini’s hometown and fascist pilgrimage destination, to counter this uncomfortable legacy. Through other examples like Spain and the affair of Franco’s tomb, this documentary is an opportunity to trigger a reflection on the collective memory of a nation and on what it means to deal with the legacy of a dictator. This project makes a particular sense today as populisms and nationalisms are rising again worldwide.

HD – 90’ & 52’ - 2022 - Illegitimedefense & Road Television




The Story of Aids



The Story of AIDS revisits a turbulent period in our recent history. When it became a worldwide epidemic in the 1980s, the disease affected our entire society. 40 violent years followed as millions died worldwide. However, it also brought out the best in people, especially the doctors, artists, and other figures that searched for a cure.

The Story of AIDS recounts 40 years of our history; 40 years of events, losses, and struggle we should never forget.  With millions of victims already infected as children, this film is a poignant reminder of how much remains to be done.

HD – 4 x 52’ -  2020/2021

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Another Story of the Church

A. Xainte

A history of the Jesuits is another story of the Catholic Church: tumultuous, ambitious, energetic, mixing knowledge, power, the sciences, the arts, grand adventurers, and discoveries, but also polemics, politics, conflicts of interest, entryism and networks, even the trading of favors.

It is this other story of the Catholic Church that we want to relate in this 3 x 52- minute miniseries by highlighting its strong personalities, history- steeped places, magnificent architecture and exceptional situations triggering extraordinary events.

HD –  3 x 52', 2 x 52' & 90'Available 2020


In the Scottish Lands of France

L. Sorcelle

The Auld Alliance, the alliance between France and Scotland, is the oldest in Europe and maybe the world. It was a political and military understanding created in the Middle Ages between the kingdoms of France and Scotland to support King Charles VII and keep his nation from falling apart. Although still taught in Scottish schools, it has been somewhat forgotten in France, except in the region of Berry, the ”Scottish lands of France”. Now that the 600th anniversary of the arrival of the Scots in France is being celebrated, more and more inhabitants of the “Scottish lands of France” live this alliance as an everyday reality. By now it has become more a cultural thing and proclaimed proudly by those people with Scottish heritage.

HD –  1 x 52'Available Mipcom 2021


The Man who save La Dolce Vita


"La dolce vita" is one of the greatest and most famous films in cinema history. However, few people know the tormented story of its genesis. It was fiercely accused by the majority of the press of being a damaging film because of its explicit outrageousness. It was even on the verge of being censored and sent to the stake. It caused a contention of unprecedented proportions, which shook the whole religious, cultural and political scene in Italy to such an extent that a number of senators started a furious parliamentary debate, asking for the official destruction of the original reel. It was the first and last time that a film became a State affair. And we would  never have seen the film unless an eccentric figure, an inspired and mysterious man, protagonist and only witness of the creation of the film, Fellini's secret confidant, had not found a way to save it, performing a miracle. We  have found his notes, which were thought lost, and we are able to shed light on the most secret aspects of the legendary film. With the pace of an epic tale.

HD –  1 x 52' - 2021 - Illegitimedéfense & Doclab