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A Baby for Hope

Stéphanie Thomas – Arnaud Xainte


Cesar is afflicted with Fanconi’s anemia, a disorder giving him a life expectancy of 17 or 18 years tops. Only a bone-marrow transplant or the implantation of stem cells from a compatible donor will add, at best, 15 years to his life, giving rise to the hope that a cure for the condition might be found in the meantime.But no one in the family is compatible. Having always wanted a third child, his parents have decided to turn to in-vitro fertilization.

Thanks to double pre-implantation detection of embryos done in Belgium, a baby is on the way, free of the disease and compatible. The stem cells in its umbilical cord will be extracted and transplanted into Cesar.Through this incredibly humane story, we will address the issues of bio-ethics, the genetic manipulation connected to the process and the worries and dysfunctions affecting families facing such a rare disease.

HD – 1 x 70’ –  Available January 2020

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