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A few months later, just a week before Tabu’s Hollywood premier, Murnau’s car careered off a California road at high speed, killing him instantly.

He was 42. Murnau’s curse was complete and still today inspires the craziest theories about the director and his films.

With swagger in his Faust, Murnau had attacked Satan head-on. But everyone knows that you should never bet your head on the Devil.  


HD- 52'- Produced by Illégitime Défense

Murnau - In the Shadow of Nosferatu

JF Thibault


In July 2015 in the Berlin suburb of Standorf the grave of the famous movie director, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau was desecrated.

The filmmaker’s skull was decapitated with a knife and purloined away.

The skull was never found.

The international triumph of Nosferatu opened Hollywood’s doors to the director that gave him a blank check for his next movie.

There, Murnau created his masterpiece in 1927, Sunrise, which would foster a number of disciples among filmmakers, including François Truffaut, who called it the most beautiful movie in the world. Considered one of the most promising of Hollywood’s directors because of Sunrise’s success, Murnau set out for Polynesia in 1931 to shoot Tabu, a strange, symbolist film. The shoot was littered with accidents, and Murnau, having moved sacred stones for the sake of the movie, drew the ire of the Maoris who predicted a violent and imminent death for him.

The movie would seal the director’s fate.


The Diary of Lula

J. Bourgarel

Built like a thriller, this documentary will adopt the narrative codes of fiction films, with flashbacks, twists and turns, all of which have really marked the life of Lula... and his country. Constantly oscillating between democracy and dictatorship, Brazil is now again at the crossroads. And Lula finds himself once again as the symbol of this permanent back and forth between authoritarian and liberal regimes, between poverty and prosperity, between regression and progression. His programmed victory in 2022 thus appears to be the climax of an exceptional destiny that embraces all the contours of Brazil's history: its advances, its retreats, its hesitations, its about-faces... A history that will find its place as a parable of all the countries today threatened by "liberal" regimes leaning more and more towards dictatorship.


HD – 52’ – Produced by Illégitime Défense




Maurice Chevalier - A Straw Hat in Hollywood


Maurice Chevalier was a giant of French song. His career covered six decades. But he was also one of the very few French artists to succeed in American motion pictures. And even more: at the beginning of the 30’s, he was the King of Hollywood and the most well-paid artist in the world. With hisirresistible French accent and legendary straw hat, through movies directed by Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder and Vincente Minnelli, he epitomized the French man: debonair, flirtatious, charming, sophisticated. An incredible career crowned in 1959 by a Honorary Academy Award.


HD – 52’ – Produced by Illégitime Défense




Marcello Mastroianni

The image of a Misunderstanding

J-F Thibault

What  character is hidden behind the docile and indolent actor?

Who is the man who has never stopped fighting, in vain, against the image of a Latin-lover that the whole world has stuck on his forehead?

Who is hiding under the make-up and the game of the actor Marcello Mastroianni? Is he really what he claims to be?

HD – 60’ & 52’ - Produced by Illégitime Défense





A history of the Jesuits is another story of the Catholic Church: tumultuous, ambitious, energetic, mixing knowledge, power, the sciences, the arts, grand adventurers, and discoveries, but also polemics, politics, conflicts of interest, entryism and networks, even the trading of favors.

It is this other story of the Catholic Church that we want to relate in this 3 x 52- minute miniseries by highlighting its strong personalities, history- steeped places, magnificent architecture and exceptional situations triggering extraordinary events.

HD –  3 x 52', 2 x 52' & 90'Available 2020

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