Roger Corman - The Pope of pop cinema

B. Tessier


Roger Corman authored fifty movies and produced four hundred. He has been called the king of B movies, the pope of pop cinema. He ventured through every so-called “minor” genre: noir, western, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Even better, he was able to renew those genres and adapt them to his time: the famous Sixties and Seventies that crushed the conformist mindset of the American society. Through his impressive filmography, Corman laid the foundations of what was to be known as “pop culture”.

In this documentary, it’s Corman himself who tells his own story, counterpointed by a number of interviews with the directors he trained and inspired: Quentin Tarantino, Ron Howard, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Joe Dante…

HD – 52’ - June 2020




George Gershwin - The American Classic

J-F. Thibault

For the past 80 years Rhapsody in Blue, Concerto in F and Cuban Overture have never been out of the repertory of the world's greatest orchestras. George Gershwin is more than ever at the center stage of the musical world. By now a "classic", he is also one of the creators of the most famous of American musical comedies. The very symbol of "made in the US" success, Gershswin created tailor-made music for the American continent based on multiple influences where each individual American can identify with part of their roots and each European their personal history. Our story of George Gershwin is that of "inventing" a certain American culture that is attractive, uninhibited, resolutely modern and always innovative.

HD – 52’ – 2018

Venice Flamboyant to the End

L. Thiriat & L. Grunberg

For centuries, Venice has been fascinating thousands of visitors. Queen of the sea set in the midst of a rich architectural environment, it has shown over the centuries a rare concentration of artists who made her shine. In the 18th century, it’s still full of creativity. Vivaldi, the Tiepolos, Canaletto, Longhi, Guardi, Goldoni and Casanova, to name only a few, all of them took part to this feverish activity that seizes the city; A slow agony that Napoleon will end in 1798. The Venetian 18th century resonates until now as the last rays of a long-lost age d’or.

HD – 52’ – 2018