Land of plenty, Land of but a few

D. Cardoso

In 2018, the world food crisis shifted agricultural investment to countries with productive land and cheap labour. The Nacala Corridor, one of the most fertile and populated areas of Mozambique, was heavily affected. Thousand of peasant farmers were dispossessed of their land and are still waiting for the promises of a better life to come true. Today they resist in a fight akin to David and Goliath that seems don't to have an end. "Land of plenty, land of but a few" tells the story of this conflict.

HD – 53’ – Produced by Divergente and Bagabaga Studios -  2018


Elalab - Zé Wants to Know Why

D. Cardoso

In recent years, the inhabitants of Elalab - a remote village in Guinea-Bissau - have been embroiled in an uphill battle against rising sea levels. Zé is one of the oldest men in the community and his recollections represent the collective memories, anxieties and fears.

"Why is this happening?" he asks. The inhabitants of Elalab don't know what global warming is, they haven't even ever heard the term, but they describe all its effects, against which they are forced to fight, with upsetting accuracy.

HD – 26’ – Produced by Divergente and Bagabaga Studios – 2018

Maurice Papon - Lessons of a Trial

S. Houot

This documentary about the trial of Maurice Papon recounts for the first time the stakes and highlights of the affair and takes us back into Bordeaux in the days of German occupation. Twenty years after the longest and most controversial verdict in France's judicial history, plaintiffs, lawyers, magistrates and historians have their voices heard and make their assessment of the trial. Hearing after hearing, they shed light on a crime devised in an office, behind the thick curtains of a French prefecture.

HD - 52' – Produced by Mara Films – France 3 – 2018

MBS. The Prince

A. Vitkine

Mohammad Bin Salman, or MBS. Three letters to designate a leader who, in the space of a few months, has taken his place at the table of the world’s greatpowers. At the age of 32, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia was not destined to rule for many years. And yet, following a series of betrayals and some audacious power-plays, he has become the young face of the Middle East.

In short, the charismatic MBS is both authoritarian and brutal. But he is also a reformer. In a matter of months, he disbanded the Islamic religious police and allowed women to drive and attend sporting events. He is attempting to implement a root-and-branch overhaul of Saudi Arabia, the symbol of an Islam caught between modernity and archaism, and to shake up this old bureaucratic oil monarchy. Who is the real MBS? An intrepid reformer? A Shakespearian hero grappling with palace intrigues and petro-dollar interests? Or an unscrupulous, megalomaniac tyrant, intoxicated by his plans for the planet’s destiny?


HD - 52', 70'Produced by Nilaya Productions –  Dec 2019