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Are Financial Markets Going Crazy?


1995: Nick Leeson almost provokes Baring’s bankruptcy.

2008: Société Générale is under the light of worldwide Media. A “crazy” trader generates a loss of close to 5 billion euros. Meanwhile, many affairs were dug up, such as Enron or Worldcom. This documentary, shot in Europe and North America will follow traders and brokers in their daily life to analyse the financial markets, their terms and the impact of globalization. With special guest Jordan Belfort whose book, the Wolf of Wall Street, is being adapted for the cinema by Scorsese, with Di Caprio in the part of Belfort.


52’, produced by Illégitime Défense – 2012 Planète.



Gaddafi: Dead or Alive (Episode 2)

A. Vitkine.


This film is the follow up of "Qaddafi: Our Best Enemy ". Libya is once again in conflict with the West. Qaddafi’s regime is in crisis. It is the end of the Libyan dictator’s reign, a dictator whom we thought would never budge and the climax of forty years of conflict between Qaddafi’s Libya and the West. This documentary tells how the situation changed, about the months in which the Western States, first of all France, decided to dump the Libyan leader and bring him down.


95’ and 52’, produced by Illégitime Défense - 2011 France 5, Planète, RTBF, VRT, RSI, YLE, SVT, NRK, RDI, TFO, TG4, RTVS, TVPwith the Support of MEDIA programme, Département de la Charente-Maritime, Région Poitou-Charente, PROCIREP and ANGOA - HD



Russia: Nostalgic of the Empire?      

Barbara Necek


The year after the downfall of the Soviet Union, President Boris Eltsine declared: “the imperial Russia is over”. A long era that started with Ivan the Terrible… 10 years later, his successor, Vladimir Poutine answered him by stating: “The downfall of the Soviet Union was the biggest catastrophe of the 20th century.”Behind official positions, what are the real relationships between Moscow and its former satellites? Are they the fruit of a shared past or the sign of a new form of imperialism? Do Russians want to rebuild a new glacis, as revenge for the 1991 humiliation? Or recreate a new empire?

Scripted as a road trip, from the Chinese-Russian border to Eastern Europe, through Central Asia or Siberia, this documentary explores the periphery of the Russian world; without forgetting Moscow, its elites and its politicians, swaying between nostalgia and geopolitical issues.

52’, produced by Illégitime Défense - 2012

France 5, RTBF, NRK, TVP



Banana Wars                                                                                                

Didier Fassio

What fruit, barely known in the early 20th century, is nowadays the most eaten in the world? Bananas. The most exported one? Again, bananas! Its worldwide production reaching 13 million tons for a turnover of about 6 billion dollars clearly justifies the greed of multinational food companies. From Costa Rica to Martinique, via Saint Vincent, Didier Fassio observed the pitched battle that main actors have been waging for the past 100 years to control the banana market.


52’, produced by Sombrero & Co - 2008 - French and English versions

Diary of an Affiliate

Fluid Video Crew


This is the story of Antonio Perrone, a young man from the South of Italy, born in a good family from the Salento region, who ends up becoming one of the bosses of the Sacra Corona Unità before being sentenced to a lifetime prison sentence. The documentary tells this story mainly through the accounts of Daniela, Antonio’s wife….


52’, produced by Citrullo International, Classic Srl and Illégitime Défense - 2006

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