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Moi ou le chaos/The Master of the Chaos

A 60' & 90' Documentary Written and Directed by : Antoine Vitkine

Doing a portrait of Bashar al-Assad, the smartly turned-out dictator, talking about his career, getting into his head and understanding what he wants and where he comes from means getting interested in a man who has a partial hold on our fate. Daech, international Jihadism, chaos in the Middle East and the refugee crisis: all of these challenges that have an impact on us converge, at least partly, in Damascus.

To re-examine our ambiguous and risky relations with him is to try and understand our involvement in the Syrian tragedy, even look at our share of responsibility, for Bashar has always known how to play on our weaknesses, our temporizing and our naivety.


Quid Pro Quo at the Top


A 52' & 90' Documentary Written and Directed by Antoine Dauer 



Flamboyant to the End

Documentary 52'

Written by Leslie Grumberg & Laurence Thiriat

Directed by Laurence Thiriat

For centuries, Venice has been fascinating thousands of visitors.

Queen of the seaset in the midst of a marvelous architectural environment, it has shown over the centuries a rare concentration of artists who made her shine at the firmament.

In the 18th century, it’s still full of vitality and creativity.

Vivaldi, the Tiepolos, father and son, Canaletto, Longhi, Guardi, Goldoni and Casanova, to name only a few, all of them take part to this feverish activity that seizes the city.

Libertine and impertinent, Venice is “poco poco” getting intoxicated by too many parties and carnival excesses.

A slow agony that Napoleon will end up by delivering the coup de grace in 1798. The Venetian18th century resonates until now as the last rays of a long-lost age d’or.


De tous temps, Venise a fasciné.

Merveille d’architecture, reine des mers, elle concentre en son cœur les plus grands artistes, ceux qui vont faire rayonner son nom partout à travers le monde. Au XVIIIème siècle, elle est encore débordante de vitalité.

Les Vivaldi, Tiepolo père et fils, Canaletto, Longhi, Guardi ou encore Goldoni et Casanova, ils sont tous là pour participer à ce bouillonnement fiévreux qui s’empare de toute la cité.

Libertine et insolente, elle s’enivre de fêtes et de Carnaval pour sombrer doucement dans la plus joyeuse et le plus insouciante des agonies, avant que Napoléon ne lui donne le coup de grâce. Le XVIIIème siècle résonne comme les derniers feux d’une Venise qui tourne le chapitre des plus grands moments de son histoire.


The American Classic

Documentary 52'

Written and Directed by Jean-Frédéric Thibault


Documentary 75'
Written by Charlotte Schousboe 
Directed by Jean-Charles Lassus

Between 1945 and 1951, 25,000 children from all around Europe were placed during 3-months periods in Danish families.

They had suffered from WW II and their parents were too poor to help them recover.

In Denmark, they put on weight and were able to overcome the horrors of the war.

Who was behind this organization?

Through amazing and numerous footage found in the cellar of a dead man, we will unveil this story, the story of a small country who chose to forget about its own wounds to help foreign children.

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