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Gaddafi: Our Best Enemy

​​A. Vitkine.


For almost 20 years, since the bomb attacks of the 1980’s suspected to be of Libyan origin, Qaddafi has been making enormous efforts to restore his image on the international scene; manipulating NGOs, investing huge amounts of oil money in prestigious cultural and humanitarian actions. Little by little he is again accepted on the official photos of international summits. His son Saïf, is largely contributing to this new image as “Marketing Manager of Libya”, though Qaddafi is still a dictator… This documentary is an analysis of Libya today through this specific angle.


95’ and 52’, produced by Illégitime Défense - 2011 France 5, Planète, RTBF, VRT, RSI, YLE, SVT, NRK, RDI, TFO, TG4, RTVS, TVP


with the Support of MEDIA programme, Département de la Charente-Maritime, Région Poitou-Charente, PROCIREP and ANGOA - HD



36, quai du Crime

 J.-P. Bozon


36, quai des Orfèvres is condemned: too small, too dilapidated, not practical enough . The Criminal Investigation Department is soon going to move to the north of the French capital, to newer and more spacious premises. Since nearly a century, "le 36" has, nevertheless, been the most famous address in the history of crime in Paris. There are corpses in the cupboards and the footprints of the biggest criminals on the old linoleum of the monumental staircase.


52’, produced by Betula Productions and France Télévision (France 3)

- Ile de France and France 3 National, Planète+ Justice - 2011

Penkovsky, Peace Spy                                                                       

N. Jallot


Autumn 1962: The United States discovers that the USSR is secretly installing missiles pointed towards US territory in a military base located in Cuba. The tension between the two superpowers is at its height and during a few months, the planet seems to be on the verge of a Third World War. At the same time in Moscow: Oleg Penkovsky, an exemplary agent of the GRU, Russia's largest foreign intelligence agency, gives top secret information to the US about the true importance of the Soviet nuclear weapons. This information enables Kennedy to stand up to Khrushchev and obtain the dismantling of the Cuban missile base. Oleg Penkovsky was quickly unmasked, judged and executed. For the Russians, his name became a synonym for « traitor ». Today, fifty years later, as KGB archives are progressively opened to the public, light is beginning to be shed on a dark and mysterious episode of the Cold War. What if Oleg Penkovsky did simply keep the peace during this period of extreme crisis?


52’, produced by Betula Productions - 2011

France  5

My Father's fault                                                                       

Chloé Barreau


Abbot Jean-Claude Barreau, aged 39, in charge of the novices for the diocese of Paris, announces at the beginning of September 1971, his decision to get married. This announcement will have considerable repercussions because of abbot Barreau’s duties and the fame he acquired as author of bestsellers, in particular "Faith of a Heathen", in which he speaks of his conversion. 40 years later, his daughter, Chloé, looks back on this story which marked her family and questions past and present society’s point of view on the celibacy of priests.


52’, produced by Camera Lucida, distribution Illégitime Défense - 2012

France 3 Centre, TV5 Canada. Prix du Jury - Festival BIOGRAFILM de Bologne 2012




A Different Story of the Catholic Church

Documentary 3 x 52', 2 x 52' & 90'

Written and Directed by Arnaud Xainte

A history of the Jesuits is another story of the Catholic Church: tumultuous, ambitious, energetic, mixing knowledge, power, the sciences, the arts, grand adventurers, and discoveries, but also polemics, politics, conflicts of interest, entryism and networks, even the trading of favors.

It is this other story of the Catholic Church that we want to relate in this 3 x 52- minute miniseries by highlighting its strong personalities, history- steeped places, magnificent architecture and exceptional situations triggering extraordinary events.

HD –  Available 2020

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